Found and Thrifted Shelf Decor

Hello, hello friends!  Today is all about this awesome new ladder shelf that I found for my living room.  My gallery wall has always had this open space in the centre and filling it with this shelf has been the perfect solution.  It also gave me the opportunity to showcase some of my favorite found and thrifted decorations.  Check out all of the details in todays post…

“Shopping” my house for knick knacks and scouring thrift stores is something that I absolutely love to do!  I love the challenge of pairing old with new and combining different textures.  Once I found the perfect ladder shelf, this one is from Jysk, the fun part really began.  My biggest tip when decorating your home is to “shop” your house first!  Look at items that you may already have laying around and pair them together in new and interesting ways.  This not only helps to save money but can give each space in your home a fresh new look.

Lets chat about these fab finds shall we?  To the right of the shelf we have this fabulous glass vase that I filled with leafy stems, both of which were found at my local thrift store.

To the left of the shelf I have an extra large wicker basket filled with a variety of pillows.  All thrifted from Value Village for no more than ten bucks I’m sure.  On the bottom shelf I have a lovely collection of pottery from my grandma and mom.  Save extra throw pillows and blankets for layering in large baskets for a quick and easy way to add texture and fill your space.

Top shelf includes a set of vintage books from my moms collection, a thrifted wicker picture frame and a pine needle basket that I made in high school.  I love the eclectic mix of these things all together!

Another shelf houses this funky plant in a wicker plant pot, another vintage book from my moms collection (how great are all of these turquoise books?!) and a couple of antique finds from Lois Lane.  The Ginger Beer bottle is from Homesense.  Don’t ask me how much the turquoise antique tobacco tin was because my answer is “too much”.  But its so perfect for the space!  I couldn’t say no.

Next up we have more vintage books…. one can never have too many vintage books in my opinion.  The frame is upcycled from an old market sign that I had, “love” is from Michaels and the antique glasses used to belong to my grandpa, they are probably my most treasured piece.

This ladder shelf now completes my space and adds much needed dimension and texture to my gallery wall.  I love, love, love it!  Do you use shelving in your home decor?  Please share, I would love to see it!

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