Four Hour Facelift

Hey everyone!
Have you caught the Spring Cleaning bug too?
We’ve been doing yard work, cleaning out the garage, organizing the closets… and it feels good right?
Kim from 733 updated my blog awhile back and I loved the professional look. But being the artsy fartsy person that I am, it wasn’t personal enough for me. It wasn’t mine anymore.
You know?  Time for some blog cleaning.

So while the boys were busy playing with K’nex one morning, I decided to give my blog a quick
Four Hour Facelift.
I started the night before by sketching out a header design…
and painting it using watercolours.
Seriously haven’t busted out the watercolour paints in years.
Then I scanned my painting in the morning and uploaded the image to Picnik. 
I cropped it and added my Blog Title.
Blog button size 125×125 pixels when finished.
Page title size 145×40 pixels when done.
I used cropped sections of my painting for new blog buttons and page titles.

 I made circular buttons by first cropping a square image.

Then using the frames ~ rounded edges feature.
I added text and finally resized my image smaller before saving.

Pretty easy huh?  And now my blog is as fresh as a daisy too! LOL
Thanks for following along.
Are you looking for customized artwork?  Please email me at
for more details.

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