Free Crochet Floor Pouf Pattern

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Free Crochet Floor Pouf Pattern

Hi there!  If you are looking for an awesome crochet project then you have come to the right place!  

Kim from 733, Mandy from Sugar Bee Crafts and I have been having fun hosting Project Crochet all month long.  

Before wrapping up this series I wanted to share the pattern for the Crochet Floor Pouf that I completed.  I was inspired by a crochet floor pouf found on etsy and every other crochet/knit floor pouf in store.  They seem to be everywhere now!


Free Crochet Floor Pouf Pattern

This is actually a pretty quick and easy project to crochet.  If you have crocheted a hat before then you can crochet a floor pouf.  Most of the stitches are ones that a beginner has used.  If you need a refresher for crochet in the round or front post crochet be sure to check out my learn to crochet series.  In the midst of creating this floor pouf I discovered that it was spelled “pouf” and not “poof”.  And did you know that an ottoman or floor pouf is called a hassock out East?  What would you call this floor pouf?

Free Crochet Floor Pouf Pattern

I used Bernat Roving yarn {the colour is Bark} with a 9mm hook.
Approximately 5 skeins of yarn {120 yards each} are needed for a pouf of this size with 32 oz of poly fill {stuffing}.

st = stitch
sl st = slip stitch
ch = chain
dc = double crochet
fpdc = front post double crochet

Crochet Floor Pouf Pattern
ch 4, sl st into the first chain to create a circle, ch 2

Round 1: dc 10 into the circle, sl st to join, ch 2 {10}
Round 2: dc into first st, fpdc around the same st, repeat around, sl st to join, ch 2 {20}
Round 3: dc into first two st, fpdc around the second st, repeat around, sl st to join, ch 2 {30}
Round 4: dc into first three st, fpdc around the third st, repeat around, sl st to join, ch 2 {40}
Round 5: dc into first four st, fpdc around the fourth st, repeat around, sl st to join, ch 2 {50}
Round 6: dc into first five st, fpdc around the fifth st, repeat around, sl st to join, ch 2 {60}
Round 7: dc into first six st, fpdc around the sixth st, repeat around, sl st to join, ch 2 {70}
Round 8: dc into first seven st, fpdc around the seventh st, repeat around, sl st to join, ch 2 {80}
Round 9: dc into the first eight st, fpdc around the eighth st, repeat around, sl st to join, ch 2 {90}
Round 10: dc into the first nine st, fpdc around the ninth st, repeat around, sl st to join, ch 2 {100}
** at this point you no longer want to increase stitches so you will follow the pattern created in round 10
Round 11-24:  dc into the first nine st, skip the tenth st, fpdc around the previous fpdc, repeat around, sl st to join, ch 2 {100}
Round 25: dc into first seven st, dc decrease, fpdc around the previous fpdc, repeat around, sl st to join, ch 2 {90}
Round 26: dc into first six st, dc decrease, fpdc around the previous fpdc, repeat around, sl st to join, ch 2 {80}
Round 27: dc into first five st, dc decrease, fpdc around the previous fpdc, repeat around, sl st to join, ch 2 {70}
Round 28: dc into first four st, dc decrease, fpdc around the previous fpdc, repeat around, sl st to join, ch 2 {60}
Round 29: dc into first three st, dc decrease, fpdc around the previous fpdc, repeat around, sl st to join, ch 2 {50}
Round 30: dc into first two st, dc decrease, fpdc around the previous fpdc, repeat around, sl st to join, ch 2 {40}

**at this point add the stuffing.  Poly fill will only work if your stitches are small and tight.  If you have larger stitches, with bigger holes I would recommend sewing a cotton bag to place the stuffing in before placing it into the pouf.

Round 31: dc into first st, dc decrease, fpdc around the previous fpdc, repeat around, sl st to join, ch 2 {30}
Round 32: dc decrease, fpdc around the previous fpdc, repeat around, sl st to join, ch 2 {20}
Round 33: dc decrease around, sl st to join {10}

using the end of the yarn, pull to tighten the hole and use a yarn needle with the yarn to sew the hole closed. 

Free Crochet Floor Pouf Pattern

A crochet floor pouf is a fun accent to any home.  This one took a couple of evenings of crochet for me.  We are enjoying it from every angle…

Free Crochet Floor Pouf Pattern
Free Crochet Floor Pouf PatternFree Crochet Floor Pouf Pattern

Thanks so much for visiting and participating in #projectcrochet!  
Have fun crocheting and if you need a refresher, check out my EBook below…

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  1. Lauren says

    So, I’m tackling your pattern and I have a question!
    When you get to rows 11-24, where you continue row 10, are the fpc’s supposed to get further from the previous row’s fpc’s as you go around?
    I’m afraid to move forward before clarification because I don’t want to have to pull everything out and do it again. lol

  2. Dikla Navon says

    Hi Heather
    I’m making it from t-shirt yarn and i found it hard to crochet with the front post crochet… so, I changed it to one more dc wherever it appears.

    mi question is about rows 11-24 – Should I add dc wherever appears front post crochet?


    • Heather Painchaud says

      I don’t have a tutorial for DC decrease although you should be able to find one on You Tube! ha ha I always think of decrease as completing half of a stitch then starting a new one before completing the whole stitch. Good luck!

    • Heather Painchaud says

      Be sure to dc into each stitch around counting 100 stitches for each round. As long as you are no longer increasing {placing two stitches into one stitch}, your poof will stop increasing and start to form an ball shape. Hope that helps 🙂

  3. Lisa says

    I am getting ready to purchase yarn for this project–love it! I was wondering if you could share the final dimensions? I’m thinking about making it bigger–I assume I would just continue the increase for a couple more rows and then add a few more rows to the non-increase (rows 11-24) to maintain a round rather than oblong shape. But again, want to know the actual dimensions before I decide how much bigger to make it.

  4. Emily M. says

    I just made an ottoman of my own, with slight modifications to your excellent pattern! I love it! I cut foam remnants from an upholstery shop and wrapped them in batting to make nice firm filling. Thank you for sharing your crochet ottoman pattern.

  5. Heather says

    I used your pattern to make a pouf and it started out fine but then when I got to the end there was a big circle rather than a small one so it didn’t look finished so I added a few small rounds to close it in. I also used super bulky rather than bulky yarn so I think that was a factor in the way it turned out but I would like to try it again using just regular bulky yarn. I also found that the filling was lumpy and didn’t really have a nice shape. I am not sure if I should have pulled it apart more before stuffing it in there.

  6. Talitha says

    Hi there

    I have been wanting one of these for soooo long now. I’m making mine from tshirt yarn and all is going well but I’m unsure if I had to slip stitch at the end of round one (after the 10DC into circle) and then the DC into the same or next stitch? Or do I simply join round one with a DC and the same stitch I do a FPS?

    Hope my question makes sense! 🙂

  7. christina says

    They color you chose is Bark. I looked at the yarn color on Joann’s website and it looks closer to brown/tan then grey; however, your picture looks very grey. Can you explain the color Bark so I know what to order please?

  8. Heather says

    hello! First thank you for the awesome pattern! Second, so before stuffing, mine looked like a very long tube sock. Figuring it would just fatten out. I added the stuffing but it’s still very tall!

  9. sherry says

    Hi, I was trying to make this but was wondering if the fpc was a front post double crochet or front post single crochet? I have tried a few rows with the front post single crochet and it doesn’t seem to stick out enough. Also, when going from my 10 double crochet in the circle to the next row I don’t seem to get 20 double crochet. Is it possible you know what I am doing wrong? Sorry, I am semi new to crocheting but I love this pattern.

    Thanks for any help you can give!!

  10. Lillie says

    I have read the pattern repeatedly and I am completely stuck on the ending. Starting with row 25 I started decreasing like it says but I’m concerned because it will say double crochet in the first seven, decreased crochet, front post double crochet around the eighth and that’s where I started to get confused but I went ahead with it and did my best. Now I am stuck at the end and there’s this gaping hole and not a small one like the pattern says. I am an advanced per-share but I am very confused at this pattern starting from 25 until the end. Help would be appreciated thank you

  11. Charlotte says

    I’m having trouble with row 25 as well. Can you clarify which stitches to do the decrease in and where to do the fpdc? Thanks so much. I look forward to finishing this project! 🙂

  12. Terri says

    I am sorry to be stuck so early, but am I understanding this correctly?
    “Round 1: dc 10 into the circle, sl st to join, ch 2 {10}”
    Am I to dc 10 into the circle, sl stitch, and then dc into the circle 10 more times?

    Thank you!

  13. Karina from Denmark says

    Thank you for this amazing pattern!
    I Will ordre yarn for this projekt right away 🙂 i Can see that you have Said the size is “It is about 3 feet by 2.5 feet in size” but my english isn’t that good, so i wonder if that means that is is 3 feet High and 2,5 feet in diameter, or how am i suppose to Reed the measurements?
    Thanks for an amazing blog!
    Love from Denmark 🙂

  14. Allison says

    Love this!!!! I am to the point where I am supposed to stuff the pouf. I used worsted weight yarn, and my stitches are naturally loose, so my idea is to get a pretty patterned fabric to put the stuffing inside so that you can see the pattern through the stitches. My only problem is that I have NO idea how to make the fabric sack to put inside. 🙁 Do you have any advice to give on that? Thank you so much for the pattern! 🙂

  15. Viola Spamer says

    I am so happy that I found this! The pouf looks so great but it seems that I just don’t get it right. The 2 ch at the end of each round make the pattern odd. It looks like there is one more dc than supposed to. Additionally the fpdc don’t seem to stick out enough. What am I doing wrong?

  16. Georgie says

    I have tried numerous times to workout this pattern and the people in my crochet group can’t work it out either. When you do round 1 do you count the chain 2 as a stitch? Also on round 2 do you dc into the same stitch as the chain 2 or in the next stitch? I have noticed on the pictures that you have 11 fpdc in the round. This is not possible with the stitch count you have written

      • Veronica says

        I have the same questions and couldn’t find any answer among the other comments.

        After the ch2 from round 1, do you make the first dc of round 2 into the same st where the ch2 came from or the next st? Also, does the ch2 count as a stitch toward the stitch count on each round or is it in addition to the stitch count you list at the end of each round? It does appear that there are 11 fpc from the beginning, as there are 11 swirls of fpc all the way through the pouf, so it’s left me a bit too confused to begin.

        Thanks for the help!

  17. Shannon says

    Love this!!! I needed something for my feet for when I sit at my desk. I’m a little bit short LOL!! I started it yesterday and hope to finish at some point this weekend. Thank you so much for posting this pattern. I didn’t like the way my fpdc looked so I am just doing straight dc. Yours looked awesome. ?

  18. Bridget says

    Hi there! Thanks for this pattern! I have started working mine up but i’m using 3 strands of Caron One-Pound (WW) held together and a size 10mm hook. I’m hoping it’ll be nice and big. And this was a great project to help me use up these leftover huge skeins I bought for another project.

  19. Brenda says

    I’m still having issues a with the stitches increasing between rows 11-24!! I’ve had my mother in law look at but can’t find the issue!! What am I doing wrong? I have read all the comments-still can’t fix it

  20. Jan Bartz says

    I like your pouf very much, but I am writing to thank you for another issue you resolved for me. My couch looks very much like yours might have before you made cushion covers with a dropcloth or similar material. Admittedly, I have never made these (wrapped in fabric and pinned which must be continually adjusted). I love the way yours look and will be sewing my own set soon. Making pillow covers brings it all together, so I will copy those too! Thank you so much for your ingenious solution!

  21. Nichole McVey says

    I crochet in my spare time for myself, but my sister decided that I should try to sell some of the things I make at our local craft fair. I was wondering if it would be okay to sell products that I make from your patterns, specifically the Crochet Floor Pouf Pattern. If not I completely understand, just please let me know.

    Thanks, Nichole


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