Freezing Herbs

Is anyone else canning like a Mad Woman? Yes??? Oh good! I was beginning to worry about my sanity! LOL

Canning with fresh herbs is the way to go! Unfortunately they don’t stay fresh long. Why not freeze them?!?

I measured my chopped cilantro into an ice cube tray, topped with water and froze.

Don’t forget to label your freezer bags!

Mint ~ measured and frozen.

Into the freezer these go… cilantro for salsa and mint for everything else!
Be sure to come back for…

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  1. Ginger says

    Great ideas!
    Here’s another idea for mint…I boiled water then steeped mint leaves in it for awhile, then poured the mint water & a couple new leaves into each section of an ice cube tray…these mint cubes are WONDERFUL in a glass of ice tea!
    For basil, I through it in the blender/food processor w/a little extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), then freeze into ice cubes for use in future recipes such as pesto or saute dishes that I would typically use EVOO & basil in!

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