French Toast PB&J Roll Ups

Do you mind if I call you dude?
These are so good!

French Toast PB&J Roll Ups

Camping season is fast approaching and I have been on the hunt for some fun, new recipes to try this summer.  One of our first trips will be at the beginning of June.  And rather than cooking every meal for our own families, we have each been assigned to cook a meal for the entire group.  I love this idea!  I only have to cook once??!?  All weekend??!!  Whoop Whoop!  So I need to find something for Saturday morning breakfast for a group of about 25 {mostly children}. When I saw these French Toast Roll Ups from Cinnamon, Spice and Everything Nice I thought that they might be just the ticket!

French Toast PB&J Roll Ups

The gist of it is this….

You roll some bread flat with a rolling pin, fill with your favorite topping {we used PB&J}, roll up the bread, dunk it in an egg and milk mixture then roll it in cinnamon and sugar.

French Toast PB&J Roll Ups

The moral of the story is that they were delicious and a hit with the kids but way too much work for camping.  Unless I did the flattening and filling at home?  
Still a bit too much prep work for camping.  
So I will keep searching for the perfect camping breakfast.

French Toast PB&J Roll Ups

Do you have any favorite camping recipes?  Please share!
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Be sure to hang around for much more camping fun to come…

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