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Learn To Crochet Stitch

Truly knowing what a basic crochet stitch looks like makes every stitch thereafter so mush easier to learn.  On the example above our last row of stitches was ten double crochet.  Can you spot and count the ten stitches?  I have identified one stitch with a “T”.  The vertical part of the “T” is the “post” of a stitch.  The horizontal part of the “T” is the top of the stitch.


Learn To Crochet (50)

When creating a front post crochet, the stitched is worked in the space behind the post, thus bring the post forward.  Above you can see where the hook is poking behind the post.  You would continue to complete your stitch in this space.  This is a really neat stitch to learn because it adds texture and dimension to your project.

Learn To Crochet (51)

The example above is a completed row of front post crochet stitches.
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