Gardening 101 ~ a Salsa Garden

Gardening 101 ~ a Salsa Garden
Welcome back to Gardening 101 ~ where I share my attempts to grow stuff.  
One day I will have to give you a tour of my garden then show you my moms and grandmas gardens.  They are truly amazing!  Gorgeous!!  They must water their plants a lot.  Mom is always trying to give me extra plants that she has but I usually decline because that would mean having to plant them at our house and water them.  I am a terrible plant owner.  I hate watering.. it’s just so time consuming!!  ha ha
Anyway today I’m sharing my little Salsa Garden.  You can see that it is downsized from last years vegetable garden.  I figured that we didn’t need a million Cherry Tomatoes again!  I plan on doing a lot of canning again this year so here are a few goodies that should come in handy for salsa:
Gardening 101 ~ a Salsa Garden
I’m hoping they do better than last year.
Gardening 101 ~ a Salsa Garden
Habanero Pepper
Because what is salsa without a little heat?
Gardening 101 ~ a Salsa Garden
Fourth of July Tomatoes.
I gather gardening advice wherever I can.  An older lady standing beside me {while I was contemplating tomato plants} told me that this was a good variety because they had a fast growing cycle.  Works for me!  I bought eight plants.
Gardening 101 ~ a Salsa Garden
Early Girl Tomatoes.
She said that these were good ones too.
Gardening 101 ~ a Salsa Garden
Garlic Onion.
This plant seems not to mind having a neglectful owner and comes back every year.
Gardening 101 ~ a Salsa Garden
My good friend Amy {at Momma Bee’s} gave us these little celery plants.  And I was thrilled because as long as I searched and wondered up and down the aisles of the Greenery I couldn’t, for the life of me, find celery.  So Woo Hoo!! Thank you Ames!
Gardening 101 ~ a Salsa Garden
Swiss Chard.
This isn’t for salsa but I thought that it might be fun to throw into a Green Smoothie or try making chips with.
Gardening 101 ~ a Salsa Garden
And now for a view of the backyard for fun.  In the distance we have a great view of the city and mountains.  You can see Max, our loyal Cocker Spaniel, on the deck.  My dad made the arbor as a gift for Darcy and I, for our wedding.  It moved with us from Prince George.  Those are the bushes that the boys said that they threw my iPhone in.  Massive right?!?  There is probably all sorts of buried treasure in those things.  Most of our energy has been put into laying bark mulch on the gardens and pathways all over the yard.  To the right is the kids swing set which Darcy framed in and we filled with bark mulch too.  My goal is to seed and water this entire level so that the grass to dirt ratio becomes 9:1.  I’m tired of dirt being tracked into the house and found…. everywhere.
Gardening 101 ~ a Salsa Garden
And here’s our little Salsa Garden again.  The two lattice screens are for peas to climb up {I hope}.  I have laid down a bunch of soaker hose {the aqua thing} in the hopes of keeping the garden well watered this year when we go on holidays.  I tried to companion plant again and rotated my plants so that everything is all mixed up.  I also amended the soil with manure {cow poo to the preschool crowd} and potting soil.  
Oh and remember how I planted mint last year?  Ya, bad idea.  It spreads everywhere!  See the plant poking through the brick?  That’s mint!  So I transplanted a bunch of it onto some rustic stairs that we have.  I will let you know how it goes…
Next week I’ll be sharing some fabulous photos of my favorite perennials.  Until then…


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