Gardening 101 ~ An update

Hey there!
Welcome to Gardening 101 ~
where I share my bumbling about the garden with you,
my lovely readers!
And so an update…


I’ve been harvesting a few things {we’ve really had a late start to the season here}.
Raspberries and rhubarb.


The beans are starting to really shoot up.


I have a TON of tomatoes on the vine.
Salsa canning here we come!
Now seriously if you plant just one thing, it’s got to be mint.
The smell is lovely.
My carrots {puny I know}.


The peppers that I finally bought from the Greenery and planted are doing well.
Here’s a little perennial {I’ll have to ask Mom what it is} that I bought and have yet to plant.
My Peonies got this ugly mildew all over the leaves this year.  They were probably drowned out by my Bleeding Heart plants being too close and taking over the area.  I’ll have to do some transplanting this fall.  I pruned them all back for the summer.
And another shot of my front entrance.  I love this {um, it’s on the tip of my tongue} viney thing that crawls up the brick and column.
Anyway that’s all for now.
I’ve got to do some fertilizing and hope that things will grow and ripen before September!
Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. La Chili says

    Love your photos, makes want to run to the garden to see how is everything growing, but it’s late.
    I’m just growing things for the first time this year, if it does not come as a total disaster I;ll be satisfied.
    Thanks for sharing.

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