Gardening 101 ~ Fruit

Hiya!  Today is all about the fruit in our garden.
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We live in orchard country.  Surrounded by valleys full of fruit trees and vineyards.
So when we purchased our house I was really hoping that we would have a few fruit trees in the yard {a cherry tree would have been awesome!}.
We finally figured out {after pruning, watering and spraying this poor little tree} that we have a plum tree.  Hooray!  We’re trying to take good care of it and it is slowly yielding a larger harvest.  I canned Plum Jam last year.

We moved from Prince George where wild berries are in abundance.  So when we found a few raspberry canes growing near the fence line we were thrilled.  After some tlc, these too are doing well.
I planted these strawberries last year.  They are actually transplants from my grandmother’s garden in the Kootney’s.  They are a hardy perennial and are doing better than any store bought strawberries that I have ever planted.
Last summer, on a trip to Vancouver, I picked up a number of blueberry plants from a local farmer.  There’s a funny story that I’ll have to tell you over coffee sometime about my SIL and I getting hopelessly lost, running over a poor bird and killing ourselves laughing.  Anyway I just put them in the ground this spring and hope that they will do well.
I think that just about everyone must have rhubarb in their garden.  It’s another hardy perennial.  This big guy was growing on the side of our house at the base of a rain spout.  I transplanted him into the garden and have a really yummy rhubarb muffin recipe to share soon.
How is your garden growing?
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