Gardening 101 ~ Herbs

So I have decided to continue on with my little Gardening 101 series of blog posts.
I hope to inspire you and give you little tips and techniques that I find useful.  Now gardening won’t take away from blogging but supplement it!

I have a number of herbs {erb or Hhhherb?} in my garden that I like to have on hand all summer.  Here are a few of them:
Gardening 101 ~ Herbs
Rosemary is a perfect pairing for beef dishes.  Most recently I used Rosemary in 1 Roast Beef 3 Meals.
Gardening 101 ~ Herbs
Mint not only smells divine but can be used in Iced Tea and {you have got to try these} Sizzle Sticks.
Gardening 101 ~ Herbs
 Cilantro is a must have if you are planning on canning salsa this fall.

Gardening 101 ~ Herbs
Garlic Onion which isn’t technically an herb, is a perennial that comes back every year.  I substitute garlic onion for shallots or white onion in most of my recipes.
Gardening 101 ~ Herbs
Chives, another non-herb perennial, are great in soups or salads.  {I use them in my potato salad ~ recipe coming soon ~ that is to die for!}
A few other herbs that I would plant if I had the time/space for them:  thyme, parsley and dill.
Do you have a favorite herb?
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  1. Susan @ Busy Home Adventures says

    I love having fresh parsley around. Honestly I can rarely taste it in a dish but it sure looks nice in a chicken soup or rice pilaf! But, my favorite to cook with is basil. Mmmm. I haven’t had much success growing it outside (apparently the slugs love it as much as I do) but I have some on my kitchen counter right now. Love it!

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