Gardening 101 ~ How does your garden grow?

Hey guys! 
I thought that I would give you an update to my Potting Annuals post today.
I have changed my blog format around a bit {did you notice?}  Mostly so that I could do this:


Post GIGANTIC gorgeous photographs.  I am totally a visual person and LOVE the bigger format.  What do you think?
Anyway here are my potted annuals as photographed this week.

Remember this is what they looked like just over a month ago.
And here is the front door with my coordinating Felt Rosette Wreath.
What I love most about these pots is the gorgeous colour scheme.  A close runner up though is how divine all of these flowers smell as we welcome visitors to our home.
This is my fav pot ~ love the patina {can pots have a patina?}  Clockwise from top:  petunias, alyssum, lobelia and verbena {centre}.
On the to do list for sure!
Thanks for visiting. 
Have a great weekend!
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  1. Holly Mackenzie Cupp says

    Those are gorgeous flowers and I love how they’re arranged. Beautiful! I like the idea of smell-o-vision lol I will fall in love with perfumes, lotions etc and try to write about them on my blog but how on earth do I describe them in words?

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