Gardening 101 ~ The Harvest

We are really fortunate to live surrounded by orchards.  The most abundant fruits would have to be apples, grapes and cherries I guess.  We took a drive to GGs {great grandparents} little orchard in the Kootneys and had fun with the harvest…


Okay these little guys {plums} are actually from our tree in the backyard.  They are about the size of a quarter ~ shrink ray anyone?!?  I just don’t know, oh well, they taste great!
We picked two coolers full of apples without much effort this year.  We must have got to them before the bears because there were plenty of apples on the lower branches.
About 2 cups of grapes.
New this year ~ cranberries!!  From GGs highbush cranberry shrub.  I made some delish Apple Cranberry Jam ~ recipe coming soon!
Finally another box of plums from the neighbor.  We traded some apples for more plums and I made a whole wack of plum jam so far ~ recipe to follow.
Do you have any good Apple or Plum recipes?
Please share!
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