Gardening 101 ~ Vegetables

Hi everyone!
Welcome back to Gardening 101 ~ where I share tips and techniques {mostly learned from my mom and grandmother} with you.  Today is all about our vegetables.


Every year I debate whether or not to plant a vegetable garden.  It’s kind of a pain in the bum.  Planting, weeding, watering… but every year I do.  The payoff in the end is sweet. 
I try to rotate my crops each year {not plant the same thing in the same spot year after year}.  Something about draining the soil of nutrients my grandmother said.  And I also try to ‘companion plant’.  That is pair up plants that are beneficial to each other. 
Lois Hole is one of my Grandmother’s absolute favorite authors on anything to do with gardening ~ go check her out!


Here are the seeds that I planted this year.

I tried seed tape for the first time.  Love it ~ definitely a must have for those tiny little carrot seeds!

So easy!
I had my husband build me a couple of trellis’ out of some leftover lattice we had.  He cut two 1x4s to length, cut a point at one end and nailed them to the lattice.
We dug holes to help anchor the lattice in the garden.
The boys loved helping ~ here’s Isaiah pulling rocks out of the hole.
After the lattice was placed in the garden we planted peas and beans at the base of each one.
Here’s Cameron planting peas.
I had purchased tomato plants a couple of months ago.    I acclimatized them by putting them out on the deck during the day and bringing them in the house at night.  Finally, when we were free of frost, I planted them.
Here are my tomatoes paired up with my strawberries.
And now here’s the whole garden {click on the photo for a larger view}.
Thanks for joining me.
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