Gardening 101 ~ What’s bugging you?

Hey guys!!
How has your garden been?  We’re still waiting to harvest carrots, peppers and hopefully a tiny pumpkin.  As we bring our fresh produce into the house however, a few uninvited guests seem to show up as well.  
Fruit flies {those tiny little flies that are attracted to your fruit} are particularly annoying.  So last year Darcy went online to find a solution and we used it again this year: 


All you need is some Apple Cider Vinegar {used to can Salsa}, plastic wrap, a small mason jar and ring.


Fill the jar half full of vinegar, put plastic wrap over the opening of the jar, poke a few holes in the wrap and fasten the ring over the plastic.


Works like a charm. 
Those party crashers get stuck in the jar and drown.


NOT on the guest list.
Oh and I was so excited to see a Praying Mantis on our house!  Is that weird?  I yelled at the kids not to touch it and ran for the camera.  This was our first time seeing a Praying Mantis in real life.  Do you think that he gives autographs?  LOL
So… what’s bugging you?
Thanks for reading!
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