Golden Coconut S’moreo

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It’s officially camping season and we had a wonderful time last weekend enjoying our first camping trip of the year.  Friends introduced us to the wonderful thing that is the “s’moreo”.  That is a s’more made with an Oreo Cookie.  Um trust me… ahhhmazing!!  We took it one step further with these Golden Coconut S’moreos…

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You only need two ingredients;  Golden Oreos and Coconut Marshmallows.

Golden Coconut S'moreo (4)_thumb[1]

Roast the marshmallow over the fire until it is toasted, golden, soft and melty.

Golden Coconut S'moreo (5)_thumb[1]

Place the marshmallow in the centre of a Golden Oreo.

Golden Coconut S'moreo (7)_thumb[1]

Squash and devour!! #nomnom
Oh and I simply MUST tell you about my favorite s’more of the weekend.  Picture this… a perfectly golden, melty marshmallow and… wait for it… a MINT OREO!!!  Seriously.  Divine.
Do you have any amazing camping desserts?  Please share!
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