Grape Jelly

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Today is all about Grape Jelly and a LINKY PARTY!

Grape Jelly

This was my first time canning grape jelly {gasp} so I asked my Grandma {who is 85 and still going strong}, “Grandma, do you have any tips for me on how to can grape jelly?” She said “why yes, dear, use the directions on the package of Certo.” Laugh out loud Grandma! And so I did.
Grape Jelly

I cannot tell you how excited we were to find that my Grandmas loan grape vine had produced a bountiful crop this year!

She and I were excited.
The boys were more into frog chasing and stick finding.
Grape Jelly

Following the trusty Certo directions, I combined my ingredients, mashed grapes, pectin and sugar. I allowed that to come to a boil.

Grape Jelly

Again, not having fancy canning equipment, I strained my mixture of skins and seeds.

Grape Jelly

I brought the juice to a boil then put it into my hot, sterilized jars for processing. I’ve been told that you can add red wine or grape juice to this step if you do not have enough liquid.

Grape Jelly

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