Guest Room Revamp

We have a room in the house that was starting to resemble one from the show Hoarders.  No dead cats or chickens {I swear} but lots of stuff, piled onto more stuff.

When we bought this house we didn’t realize how little storage it has.  Kid and craft stuff is crammed everywhere.  And we’re pretty good about purging once a season.  While on our last mission to organize we decided to makeover our guest room. 
Darcy started by filling all of the holes in the walls.  Our basement had the chicken pox for a week.  We painted and got 80% of the way done before realizing we were out of paint and would have to go out the next day and buy another gallon.

Now we have a tranquil, decluttered space for guests to stay.  I purchased new bedding, a fabulous throw pillow and a little green vase to tie the room together.  Tip:  our window is off centre in the room so we made sure to centre the curtains to provide symmetry.
Thanks for visiting!
On to the next project…

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  1. Meg I am..... says

    Our house has the same problem!!! NO storage!! Well there is a GIGANTIC storage room in the basement – but without shelves its become nothing but a gigantic pile! It absolutely does resemble hoarders!!

    Looks like you’ve solved your organization issues and it looks great! I’m jealous!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! And there really is a flaw – missing trim! 😉

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