Happy Halloween!

Hi y’all!
I am posting a bit later today for Halloween.  I want to share with you some of the fun stuff that we had going on.  It always seems to be a day jam packed full of costumes, parties and trick-or-treating and this year was no different!


We started with a couple of super easy Halloween bento box lunches.


I simply added a couple of pumpkin decorating features to the boys sandwiches and created ghost bananas.  I ran out of time for apple teeth but the intention was good.


This was the first time that I was challenged to bring a treat for two entire classrooms!  That’s forty-four little kindergartners!  So I had decided a while ago to make these little monster pudding cups.  I used tiny, plastic shot glasses knowing that kids tend to take one bite of something when at a party and toss the rest out.  Our pudding was actually tapioca to accommodate a food allergy in class with cookie crumb topping for hair.  These were quick, easy and fast to make and a hit with the kids!
Just when I thought I had it all together {as usual} I left the house at noon to head to the boys school as a parent helper, closed and locked the door behind me only to realize that I had left my keys in the house!  Doh!  Guess who took a cab to school {again!?!}  
This girl!  LOL


The boys really enjoyed their costumes this year and I loved that they were super easy to dress up and nice and warm!  We had a rain storm just before trick-or-treating tonight but the rain broke and the sun came back out to reveal a double rainbow!  It was a fun night visiting with friends and racing around the neighborhood.
How did your evening go down?
Truthfully I am glad that the craziness of October is over and CANNOT WAIT for the Holiday festivities to begin!  Stay tuned for a guest posting opportunity tomorrow.
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