Heart Shaped Valentine Gummies


When I saw this pin from Mom on Time Out, I just knew that we would have to give this recipe a try.
These Valentine Gummies turned out to be super fun and yummy!


Using gelatin, Jello, sugar, applesauce and lemon juice {find the recipe here}, we created a cool gummy candy substance.  It took a lot longer for the mixture to cool and harden and be ready to cut out than I thought it would.  So be sure to create the gelatin mixture early in the morning for afternoon fun with the kids.


The boys used heart shaped cookie cutters to cut our gelatin.  It was very firm so they could pull on it a bit without tearing into their shapes.


Then they coated the hearts in sugar!  Totally fun!


After coating with sugar they are supposed to rest for a while {overnight?} but they still tasted pretty good hot off of the presses 😉


We stored our gummies in an air tight container in the cupboard.


This was an awesome project to do with the kids and the possibilities are endless!  Flowers for spring?  Jack-o-lanterns for Halloween?


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