Herringbone Table Makeover

DIY Herringbone Table Makeover
Today I am sharing my Herringbone Table Makeover 
{as posted on Chic on a Shoestring a while ago}
This was a risky project for me.  Painting a white herringbone pattern onto our dining room table could have been a disaster!  But I freaking LOVE it!!!

And it can’t really get any worse than this before shot, can it?
We’ve had this table for years!  It’s been through messy toddlers times two, who have recently moved on to creative art expression with markers.  And being that we had pretty much scrubbed the finish right off of the table ~ drawings had become ingrained in the wood.
So I began by taking over the garage and sanding the stuffing out of our poor table. 
After sanding it to a fine finish and making the table look like new, I decided to paint a herringbone pattern onto it.  I found an image {via google images} and played with the scale until it was the size that I wanted.  Then I printed it onto card stock and cut out the negative spaces.  At this point I was like “okay, this might be cool”.
I continued to paint the herringbone pattern {with acrylic paint} over my entire table.  By now I was getting a little worried.  Too much pattern and contrast?  But it was too late to turn back, there was no way I was sanding off all of that paint!
So I decided to give my pattern a distressed finish and lightly sanded the herringbone before applying 6-8 coats of clear varathane finish.
I am so glad that I stuck it out.  I love the finished product!
Adding a fun pattern is great way to update a sad looking old table and give it new life!
With over 6 coats of finish, it should withstand the creative chaos of a bevy of children for quite some time {fingers crossed they don’t find the wood burning kit}.
Wouldn’t this be gorgeous if you used a dark stain instead of the white paint?  Maybe in another 5 years…
DIY herringbone Table Makeover
We have a leaf for this table that I painted and refinished too.
I’m going to do a full dining room / kitchen reveal as soon as I 
mop the floors, wipe the finger/nose prints off of the sliding glass door, dust the buffet, do the dishes, clean the stainless steel appliances, throw together some knick knacks and…  
find a million ways to get out of doing my chores 😉
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  1. Claire @ a little something in the meantime . . . says

    This looks awesome, Heather!

    I love chevron prints for cards, artwork etc. but this herringbone will be so much more classic and timeless for your family’s table.

    I can’t believe you created this with just a cardstock stencil! Way to go!

    Thanks for sharing it again on your blog 🙂

  2. I'm Busy Procrastinating says

    Great choices for your table makeover. I’m addicted to herringbone. You could do it so many ways — with different paint colors, with stains. The table looks great, and I hope you’re still enjoying it in its new life!

  3. joelle says

    Do you mind sharing the link for the google image you used? As I am searching, I am having a hard time finding one that looks similar to this one. Maybe my eyes are deceiving me, but on your stencil, it looks as if the left column marks are shorter than the right column ones and I LOVE it! Thanks in advance! Crossing my fingers I’ll be able to pull this off!

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