Holiday Shelf Decor

Hello my friends!  Today I am sharing my Holiday Shelf Decor, I absolutely LOVE the way it all turned out!  This dark, mid century modern shelving unit can sometimes be a challenge to decorate but I think that I nailed it this year.  Keep reading for massive amounts of inspiration!

I originally found this giant shelving unit at a thrift store and scored a great deal on it (read the story here)!  I love how functional it is with all of the shelves and storage.  I have often thought of painting it white but most people tell me that doing so would be a crime lol.  And so I work with the darker stained wood by adding bright and white touches to the unit.  Check out how I typically decorate this unique mid century modern wall unit and try to spot the pieces that I have repurposed into my holiday decor.

I try to repurpose things around the house into my seasonal decor.  Its just so much more cost effective!  And I honestly don’t have the storage space for a bunch of knick knacks.  Christmas is my biggest decorating season and I have three large rubbermade bins that house all of my decor.

This antique window is one that I have had for years and years and just didn’t know what to do with.  I love it up here and really think that it suits the space!  Have you got any antique window inspiration?  I’m always looking for ideas!

The trees are all recent finds from one of my favorite stores, Homesense.  The snowman is one that I have had forever while the mini lights and greenery are from Walmart.

This entire section if full of decorations that I already had, I simply added a whole pile of pinecones, greenery and berries!

The white serving tray (I guess I’m not using it for serving this Holiday season?! lol) is from Walmart and the white reindeer came as a three pack from Homesense.

This entire basket is repurposed!  The greenery and pinecones are from my yard and you can see these tree plates in this Peppermint Dipped Chocolate Cookies post and Eggnog Cookie recipe.  I love, love, love these lights from Walmart!  They are battery operated and have an automatic timer set to turn on for 6 hours and off for 18.  Its brilliant because I don’t have to worry about turning them on and off or waste the batteries.

Another serving tray and cutting board full of pinecones and greenery.

A new little moose from Homesense (see, my fav!) and ornament from Walmart.  The books and cupcake stand are repurposed.

These adorable little LED white houses are also from Walmart (score!) with more repurposed books.

A ceramic bear from Homesense paired with a repurposed white collender, filled with greenery.

A few other decorations from years past and it all came together beautifully!  I also found this gorgeous runner at Homesense, the basket is repurposed and full of pinecones and greenery from the yard.  I added rustic stars from Consumer Crafts and berries from a holiday garland that I’ve taken apart for crafts lol.

How is your holiday decorating going?  I’d love to see it, please share!

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