Hoodies ~ What We Wore Wednesday

Welcome to What We Wore Wednesday!

Hoodies ~ What We Wore Wednesday

My guys are huge fans of hoodies!  This is what we call sweater jackets with a hood.  I wonder, are they called “hoodies” where you live?  Hmmm…

Hoodies ~ What We Wore Wednesday

They are prefect for layering over t-shirts, shorts and tank tops as the weather cools.  We have already had our first snowfall so these shorts have been put into storage until next spring.  {{insert sad face here}}

Hoodies ~ What We Wore Wednesday

Sunglasses: TCP ~ the children’s place{$1.99}
Graphic T-shirt: TCP ~ the children’s place {$5.99}
Hoodie: Thrifted TCP {$5.99}
Shorts: DIY
Shoes: DC Outlet {$35}

Total: $48.97
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