How to Create a Personalized Gallery Wall

How to Create a Personalized Gallery Wall

With a year of planning and procrastinating I had a lot of time to think about how I wanted our Gallery Wall to look and feel.  The “feeling” was most important for me.  I really wanted this to be something that we would love for years to come.  In order to do that I made sure that each piece on the wall was personal.  Each photograph and print has meaning to our family.  Here’s how I created a personalized gallery wall…

1.  Family Photographs | I chose to use a variety of photos.  I mixed professionally posed shots with more impromptu, candid photographs.  I love including photos that elicited a favorite memory.

2.  Art Prints | I chose prints that each had meaning to our family.  A camera for my love of photography, a bike for the boys love of biking, a geometric cocker spaniel for our beloved dog and a do-it-yourself “P” for our last name.

3.  Creative Elements | I chose elements to add colour and texture to the wall that have a story.  A mason jar holder made during one of my Pinspired Project classes, an arrow made by a friend and an “@” symbol that underwent an extensive transformation.


Every piece of our Gallery Wall tells a story and has meaning for us as a family.  That is really the key to making any gallery wall more personalized.

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