How to Create Letter Wall Art

Letter Wall Art

This is the last instalment of Gallery Wall posts.  I have loved sharing each and every detail with you!  Our final chapter is all about this letter wall art.  It is super easy to create typographic letters that add instant personality to your space!  Let me show you just how easy…

Hand Lettered P Printable

Start with a dark outline of your letter.  I used a ruler and sharpie marker to create this one.

Hand Lettered P Printable-001

Next fasten your work to a window or light table.  Tape another piece of paper overtop.

Hand Lettered P Printable-002

Trace the image onto the new piece of paper with a sharpie and add embellishments and line detail as you go.  I was inspired by these printable letters.  They only come in a cream colour though and I wanted B&W so made my own *wink*.

Hand Lettered P Printable-004

Here’s the finished product.  If you would like a copy you can find this printable letter P here.

Gallery Wall-035

I love the personalized touch that this lends to our gallery wall.  “P” for Painchaud – our last name.  Do you have a gallery wall in your home?  Please share!  I would love to see it…

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