How to make 20 cards in 3 hours…

I taught a 20 All Occasion Card Class the other night. 
Tons of fun ~ let me tell you!  The participants make 20 cards in 3 hours.
Here’s how it works:
I have card stock bases, coordinating patterned paper card fronts and coordinating solid accent paper pieces all cut out for the students.
I have them fold their bases, choose their fronts and accent pieces and stack them together so that the accent piece matches the patterned paper front.
Then I have participants choose two stamped images that they like {it is important to limit the number of images otherwise students can become overwhelmed and fall behind in class}.
Students then stamp one image 10 times onto white card stock and a different image 10 times onto white card stock {I have them stamp a few extra for backup}.
Then we cut our images leaving a small white border around the stamped image.
Finally students assemble their cards.  They glue the patterned front to the card stock base.  Then they glue the accent piece on and pop dot their stamped image.  If time allows students may also wish to add buttons or ribbon to embellish their cards.
I also taught my class how to create a torn, patterned paper flower which I used in a number of my example cards:

The real trick to creating a large amount of cards quickly is to work in an assembly line fashion.  First fold all 20 card bases, second glue all 20 card fronts, third glue all 20 accent pieces, fourth stamp all 20 images and so on…
I hope that you’ve been inspired to create some beautifully simple cards!
Thanks for reading.

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