How to patch kids jeans in a cool way

How to patch jeans

My guys have reached an age where they bust through the knees of every. single. pair. of jeans that they own.  Seriously.  Are you with me?  We just need two more weeks of wear before they will transition to shorts full time!  Here is a quick way to patch those holes in a cool way…

How to patch jeans (1)

I shouldn’t complain too much.  I have a tendancy to buy the boys jeans that already have a “distressed” look so typically their jeans are already more worn than average jeans.

How to patch jeans (2)

This pair of pants was particularly torn up.  The “distressed areas” that I had purchased the jeans with had become a large gaping hole.  Determined to get a bit more life out of them this is what I did…

How to patch jeans (3)

First, using my seam ripper, I had to rip the side seem of the jeans open in order to get at the hole using my sewing machine.  The leg on these size six pants was just too narrow to sew otherwise.

How to patch jeans (5)

Then I cut a piece of scrap jean material to cover the entire hole.

How to patch jeans (6)

I pinned the scrap material inside the pant leg so the the right side was facing out.  I used a lot of pins so that all of the ragged bits of the jean material would stay in place as I sewed.

How to patch jeans (8)

 I placed the front of the jean leg on my sewing machine.  Using blue thread and a straight stitch, I sewed a vertical zig zag pattern over the entire torn area.  Be sure to sew slowly and catch all of those frayed bits of jean material between the scrap material and the thread.

How to patch jeans (12)

Finally I sewed the seam back closed and called it done.

How to patch jeans (15)

 Here are our jeans all patched and ready to live another day.

How to patch jeans (17)

 I ended up patching four or five pairs of jeans in this way.  The boys watched as I repaired their pants and said “wow, mom that looks cool!”

How to patch jeans (23)

Now if they would just stop growing their clothes could last forever! lol

How to patch jeans (25) How to patch jeans (29)

Thanks so much for reading ~ have an awesome weekend!
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  1. Allison Miller says

    That’s awesome! I’ll have to make sure I remember this for when my boys get a little bit bigger!! I might even have to try this on a pair of my favorite jeans that ripped out in the knees 😀

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