How to pot annuals ~ Gardening 101

Hi everyone!
I don’t know about you but once the warmer weather comes my
Craft Room becomes sorely neglected.
I have been blessed with a mother and grandmother who have extremely green thumbs.  And {while I try not to neglect my plants too badly} I have learned everything I know about gardening from them.
Now it’s my turn to pay-it-forward and share some
tips and techniques with you called
Gardening 101
Every year I plant a selection of annuals {flowers that don’t generally come back year after year} in large terra cotta pots on our front steps.  I usually budget $75 for my 5 pots.  This year I got a fabulous deal at Costco!  36 basket stuffers {annual flowers meant for hanging baskets} were $10.99!  Score!  I bought 72 annual plants and 3 dracnea {in the grass family} for $35. 
I wait until there is no threat of frost before planting.  Otherwise my plants may die and I would lose my investment {here in the Okangan you are usually safe to plant after the May long weekend}.

Alyssa and Carlee of Ladybird Lane share a unique tip for maintaining moisture in your pots.  Use a diaper!  Seriously ~ go check out the link.  Wish I had seen this BEFORE I potted my plants!  I filled my pots with potting soil, placed a dracnea in the centre and planted these flowers all around:
Pansies are a hardy little flower.  Great for spring planting and colder zones.  These pansies seeded themselves in my vegetable garden.  I transplanted them to my pots.

Alyssum is a great filler.  With multiple, colourful blooms it is an excellent accent for pots.
Lobelia is another hardy flower that can tolerate large amounts of exposure to sun.  Interestingly lobelia has many medicinal properties.
Verbena is the perfect flower for potting.  It is draught tolerant and requires little care.
Petunias are a flower pot staple.  They have a wide variety of gorgeous colours and flower all summer long.
I chose most of these flowers because my pots get a lot of sun exposure and..ehem..sometimes my watering can be a little tardy.
Let me know if you found this useful and/or interesting!
I have a few other posts in mind ~ the vegetable garden and favorite perennials.
Thanks for reading!
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  1. Amy {Polkadot Pear} says

    Thanks for posting this! I am determined to turn my black thumb green this year!! Here in Alberta we have to plant a bit later than you lucky people in the Okanagan…but I will let you know how the diaper trick works. Who would have thought!

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