I {Heart} Camping Necklace Tutorial

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If you have been hanging around the blog for any small amount of time then you know that we love camping.  Like, seriously, love, love, love!  So I decided that we needed some new accessories to celebrate our love.  These fun, do-it-yourself I {heart} Camping Necklaces were just the ticket!

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I was inspired to create these pendants by the camping t-shirt that I made for the boys a few years ago.  “I {heart} camping” is such a simple, fun sentiment!  I may have had a bit too much fun and made a whole bunch of these pendants **wink**. 

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The possibilities for camping images are endless!  My favorite has to be the boler trailer.  We used to have one of them when I was growing up.  I remember sitting on the roof painting the entire thing one summer.  Which image would you choose?  Camper or tent?  Giant fifth wheel? hee hee

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To begin you will need the following supplies:
1.5-2.5″ round, wooden pendants {found on Ebay}
acrylic paint
small, thin paint brushes
clear sealant
pencil and eraser
jump ring

Camping Necklace Tutorial (33)_thumb

Start by sketching a trailer or tent image onto a wooden pendant.

Camping Necklace Tutorial (35)_thumb[1]

Using acrylic paint and a small brush, paint the base of the image.  Erase any pencil marks that remain when the paint dries.

Camping Necklace Tutorial (36)_thumb

Add “I {Heart}” and other details to the image.

Camping Necklace Tutorial (37)_thumb[1]

When the paint dries seal the entire image with a clear acrylic top coat.

Camping Necklace Tutorial (62)_thumb

 Finally add a jump ring and attach the pendant to a necklace or lanyard.

Camping Necklace Tutorial (53)_thumb

 Adorable no?!  I love the way that these turned out and so do the boys.  
They have been wearing them all. the. time!  Too cute.

Camping Necklace Tutorial (55)_thumb

If you make one ~ please share!  I would love to see it.
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