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Star Wars Boy fashion (5)

It is no surprise that my boys love accessories.  
And so does this momma.  
I think that scarves are super cute for fall but they are such a pain to keep wrapped around a little ones neck.  They tend to slip off and get drug around the playground or left behind.

Star Wars Boy fashion (1)

This year I decided to create an Infinity Scarf for my little guys. 
Don’t worry.  It is attached end to end with velcro so if it were to get caught on a hook or piece of playground equipment it would still come right off.  But now they have a scarf that won’t slide off and end up in the lost and found.

Star Wars Boy fashion (4)

Sunglasses: TCP ~ the childrens place {$1.99}
Star Wars Infinity Scarves: DIY {$2.99}
come back for the tutorial on Friday
Star Wars Top: DIY {$0.50}
find the tutorial here
Leather Cuff: Farmers Market Trade {$0}
Shorts: TCP ~ the childrens place {$5.99}
Shoes: DC Outlet {$25}

Total: $36.47

If you follow me on Facebook then you may know that we had a bit of a debate over there on whether or not infinity scarves were “boy” accessories or not.  What is your take?  Yay or nay?

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  1. Sky says

    Heather, I think these are awesome! The velcro feature is a great idea! I’d say the key to these working for boys is that they don’t hang too low or loose- they are right around the collar line and that looks like it works great! Great Job, Mama!

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