Jumbo Framed Chalkboard Tutorial

Hi y’all!
I created this Pottery Barn knock off for So You Think You’re Crafty and I absolutely love it!
It suits my space.
More fall decor ideas will be coming your way soon. 
It’s my favorite season.
Yours too?
Here’s my inspiration.
And my finished project at
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My final chalkboard measured 23″ x 54″.
Materials I used:
20″ x 52″ hardboard 1/4″ ply
14′ of 3 1/2″ moulding
1 can primer spray paint
1 can chalkboard spray paint
Red acrylic paint
Varathane clear finish
Paint brush
240 grit sanding paper
Mitre box and saw
No more nails adhesive
Caulking gun
Staple gun
5/16″ and 3/4″ staples

1.  Place hardboard in a well ventilated area {I had the nice people at Home Depot cut my hardboard to the size I wanted}

2.  Prime with spray paint

3.  Allow the surface to completely dry then sand with a fine grit sanding paper.
4.  Spray the hardboard with chalkboard paint, allow to dry and sand with a fine grit sanding paper.
5.  Cut the moulding to length and mitre the corners.  I had two 23″ pieces and two 54″ pieces.
Here is the lovely mitre cut.

And how the corners should fit together.
6.  Paint and seal the moulding.  This took about 6 coats for me as red is a notoriously hard to paint colour.
7.  Glue the moulding to the hardboard.  I had a 2″ allowance around the hardboard to attach the moulding to.

8.  Try to keep the moulding in place any way you can.  Allow the glue to cure for 24 hours.  Find some other place to eat lunch and dinner.
9.  Gather your staple supplies.
10.  Using the longer staples, staple directly through the hardboard into the moulding.  With the shorter staples, reinforce the mitred corners.
11.  Take photos of your children enjoying your finished chalkboard.
Find fabulous quotes to share with the whole family.
Have said quotes scribbled on by children.
Thanks for reading!
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