Keeping It Real ~ A Day In The Life

Keeping It Real ~ A Day In The Life

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Hi y’all!
I have joined a talented group of bloggers to share “A Day In The Life” with you today!
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As a craft and lifestyle blogger I am often asked how I fit everything into my day.  I wrote a very similar “How Does She” post earlier this year.  And even though my twinnies started Kindergarten in September the sentiment and daily schedule hasn’t really changed dramatically.
Life is still just as crazy as usual.
What has changed are my feelings around what I contribute to this day in the life.
Keeping It Real ~ A Day In The Life
Help Me Ronda
You see when the boys went off to school, I felt that I needed to finally pick up where my career before children had left off.  Go back to the job as a Program Coordinator that I loved.  The daily nine to five.  My worth was still wrapped up in how I felt that I could contribute to my family.  Externally.  Monetarily.
I have put a lot of pressure on myself to find the right job and pursue every opportunity to renew my career goals in the last year.  I nailed some great interviews, was the perfect fit for some wonderful work but for a wide variety of reasons each one of these prospects fell through.  
I finally decided to “let go and let God”.  I was tired of feeling let down and perhaps not good enough.  What is my purpose?  How can I contribute?  Am I going in the right direction?  I asked all of these questions and gave myself the grace to slow down and actually listen.
Keeping It Real ~ A Day In The Life
Keeping it real ~ what is shared and what needs to be seen.
Do you know what He said?  “Dude!  You are right where you need to be, doing just what you need to be doing.”  {God sounds a bit like a surfer in my head}.  Things keep coming up for me to reinforce that, even though I don’t have the career that I thought that I desired, I am blessed in so many other ways.  
In my job with the City of Kelowna as a Program Instructor?
So many positive, uplifting relationships and feedback from staff and participants that it sometimes overwhelms me.  I left one class with tears of gratitude running down my cheeks, I felt so blessed by my students and the relationships that we had built.
In my creation of Ya Ya Monster Dolls?
I am continually amazed by the love and support from our community as Ya Yas take off and grow into a little business.  Featured in retail locations, sold in small boutiques and soon to be highlighted in a huge holiday gift guide.  This after only launching our Facebook Page two months ago.
Keeping It Real ~ A Day In The Life
Keeping it real ~ a Ya Ya Reindeer and the mess of creation.
And finally in my writing as a blogger?
Seeing a financial return for the love and inspiration that I pour into Twin Dragonfly Designs.  Having the opportunity to instruct “blogging classes” in the new year.  But most importantly in the comments that I have received from readers that my project/craft/recipe has in some way inspired them to explore and utilize their own creativity.  This is what makes it all worth while.
I am so grateful.
I am just where I need to be.
I hope that in the future I can come to this conclusion much sooner 
and remember to pause in the daily grind to just listen.
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  1. says

    This is so right where I’m at! My oldest is in Kindie, although my youngest is just 8 months, my mat leave is ending soon and I’m at those crossroads of figuring out where I’m supposed to be and what I’m supposed to be doing! I love that you included photos, makes me feel a bit better about my own mess that I live in!

  2. Fashion Day-Lee says

    Listen. What a wonderful word. It speaks so much to me right now, and I’m trying to instill the wonder of listening in my son’s day to day life. I don’t want it to only be when I’m chastising him. I want him to listen to all things. Praise, criticism, birds, airplanes, music. All of it. Thank you for another reminder.

  3. Shawna Scafe says

    Thank you so much for your take on this and sharing such great sentiments. I think every mom struggles with finding her value and when she realizes that it can be found in the home and life she is building for her family it is a beautiful thing. God puts you where He needs you to be. Hats off mama!

  4. Megan Newton says

    I love the surfer God comment, you’re so funny. But yes, I think that’s wonderful what God is telling you. You’re right where you need to be. I hope I can get to that point too once my mat leave is over.

  5. Salma Dinani says

    I really loved reading about your life. I can really relate. I’ve been struggling with how I feel since recently giving up my job in television to stay home with the kids. Thanks for sharing.

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