Keeping It Real ~ So we took a taxicab to our first day of kindergarten…

no biggie.
Keep It Real is a series of posts where I like to share little insights into the life of 
this momma.  They are not intended to be controversial, simply an honest and open revelation into my daily life.
You know those rare moments in life when you feel like you have it all together?  
That was totally me the week before school started.  We had planned a camping trip the weekend before so I was uber prepping for back to school.  I had laundry done, clothing sorted, first day outfits picked, backpacks bought, lunch kits set out, bento box ideas shared, indoor shoes cleaned, stuff labelled and schedules written on the calendar.  We were so ready to kill it during our first “back to school” season, with the boys headed to Kindergarten.
Sometimes, God has a different plan. 
Last spring we registered the boys in a local community school just blocks from our home.  I have always loved the idea of walking to school with them.  The boys have attended preschool at this school, we have close friends with children already registered there and I had even started to attend Parent Advisory Council meetings.
Our first day of Kindergarten started out awesome.  I even made heart shaped chocolate chip waffles at breakfast for the win!  Organizing and dropping off our foster daughter went smoothly and we headed to our little community school.  My first inkling that something was amiss was when I saw that the boys were assigned to be in the same classroom on the first day.  My second inkling {in hindsight} was on a notice that was sent home from school that talked about the schools two Kindergarten, Grade 1 combined split classes.
You see we quickly came to the realization, as parents to fraternal twin boys, that we would enroll them into Kindergarten in two separate classes.  This was extremely important to us for several reasons.  Naturally as parents we compare our children’s strengths and weaknesses and we did not want our sons to be compared in Kindergarten.  We also felt that after five years of staying home together they could certainly use a break from each other.  They need to have their own classrooms where they can learn to thrive on their own, make new friendships, build confidence and grow as individuals.  Above all else {which school they went to, who their teachers were or if they were in a split class or not} this was our number one priority.
So in amongst the organized chaos of the first day back to school I dropped the boys off to the Kindergarten classroom where they were greeted by both of the Kindergarten teachers.  After a short introduction to their teacher and class {I guess} I picked them up an hour later.  I got a chance then to talk to one of the teachers and to ask how the classes were to be structured.  She said that the two teachers would be sharing the responsibility for both of the K/1 split classes.  They would be working closely together and while one teacher may be working with all of the K students, the other teacher would be working with the Grade 1 students.  I asked how often the boys would be together in class.  She wasn’t too sure but said that more than 50% of their time would be spent together in one classroom or the other.  Yikes!  Not what we were looking for at all.  
I immediately drove to another local community school about twenty blocks away.  No longer within walking distance and a little bit bigger than our first school.  Thankfully they had two separate Kindergarten classes available with a few spots left.  I filled out the registration forms promising to call the school as soon as I knew what we would like to do.  Then I consulted with my peeps.  My good friend Amy {a parent at our first school}, my mom and Darcy as soon as he came home from work.  It was really a no brainer given our original preferences, so I called the new school and had the boys registered for new Kindergarten classes the next day.
Crisis averted.
Bring on the first day of Kindergarten TAKE TWO!  
Breakfast. Check. 
Cute outfits. Check. 
Lunch kits. Check. 
Loaded into the van.  Check.  
Van started…
Van started…
Are you freaking kidding me?
On the day that we switch schools to one that is no longer within walking distance our vehicle dies!  And it is raining buckets!  Buckets I tell ya!
This is the point where all of my positivity and togetherness flew out the window.  
My babies were off to Kindergarten and it felt like things were falling apart around me.  I held my emotions in check pretty well on their first day but this just about sent me over the edge.  This momma can only take so much before needing to console herself with a stiff drink.  Truly it was almost too ridiculous to believe so I spent most of the morning posting incredulous updates on instagram and facebook. 
With Darcy at work, it poring rain outside and having no family in town my options for getting the boys to their second, first day of Kindergarten were limited.  So as the tow truck pulled our DOA vehicle out of the driveway, I called the taxicab company.  The boys were super excited to take a taxi ride for the first time.  Momma was thrilled too.  Obviously.  FYI twenty blocks is a $10 drive in a cab.  We loaded car seats into the taxi as the boys excitedly told the driver about their day.  It was their first time in a taxi did you know!?
When dropped off at the school I had an immediate sense of calm.  I love their new school.  There is just something about it that makes me comfortable right away.  We had a foster daughter attend this school so maybe that’s it.  The boys greeted their new individual teachers and went into their new separate classrooms and it was the cutest thing ever to see all of those little kindies all prepared and lined up for school.  
They were only at school for an hour and a half so I took a walk in the poring rain to the closest Wendy’s to drown my sorrows in a bacon cheese burger, wishing it were a barely sandwich and hoping that Darcy saw the note that I had taped to our front door {he never checks his cell phone}.  Luckily he did, picked me up and we had wheels again.
Finally after the drama of our first two days of Kindergarten their third day went smoothly and this momma could have a good cry for all the right reasons.  My babies are growing up.


Keeping It Real ~ So we took a taxicab to our first day of kindergarten…
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  1. Pams Party says

    ((((Hugs)))) Those first few days of school go fast. It does get easier as time goes on. We had sometime similar happen this week too.. Two of my kids need to be driven to school. About 10 minutes before the bell, I got in the car to drive my middle schooler on the 2nd day only to hear thump, thump, thump. One of my front tires was completely flat. Luckily we live pretty close to the school, because we ended up having to run to school. I think she was only a couple of minutes late. I was able to find a ride for my other child who did not have to be a school until a bit later in the day. It threw everything off the entire day.

  2. sandy mac says

    Well …what more can I say hon. Sometimes when it rains it pours. So glad the rest of the week went smoothly. Matty started kindergarten this week too. His teacher is Mrs. Cloud (don[t you just love that name)? And she seems so nice and he seems to really like her. Wheew. All that stressing moms and grandmoms do and everything happens anyway, right? Love you guys.

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