Keeping It Real ~ the story of a lost iPhone

I lost my iPhone this week.  I feel somewhat naked without it, seriously.  
So I tried to retrace my steps.  The last time I used it was for this photo on Friday night.  Then I usually check my email, update Facebook, play solitaire or games like Cheeky Bingo before going to bed {where it then rests on my bedside table}.   
Saturday morning I woke up bright and early to go garagesaleing {yes, it’s a word, I swear}.  And I vaguely remember the boys playing with the phone as I was getting ready for the day.  Darcy came home {after a graveyard shift} and I rushed out of the house.  I remember that I didn’t have my iPhone while shopping or while fishing with the family later that day.  When I went to go to bed Saturday night {and was looking to play some solitaire} it became apparent that my iPhone was missing.  

fishing sans phone

I searched through all of the usual suspects on Sunday; couch cushions, the van, purse, jacket, junk drawer, bathroom, in my closet {hey, you never know} before going to bed without my trusty solitaire companion.  
Monday, the house became ground zero.  I tossed everything.  Couches {we have 5} were all moved with the cushions removed and vacuumed.  I removed the clothing in all of the closets, organized and refolded {I have a bad habit of setting the phone down on piles of clothes}.  Toy bins were dumped and searched.  I even went through my entire craft room, organizing and cleaning.  Whew!  That was a chore.  
It wasn’t until Monday after dinner when I went for a drive with just Isaiah that the story came out.  I asked him if he knew where Mommy’s phone was {for the dozenth time}.  He said “yes, Mommy, we took it outside and hid it in the big prickly bush.”  “Really?”  I said, “why did you do that?”  “Because you weren’t sharing Mommy” he said.  Uh oh.  I think I remember them conspiring and telling me that I wasn’t sharing sometime during the weekend.  So when we got home I pulled Cameron aside and asked him if he knew where the phone was.  He gave me the very same answer!  So we took the boys outside and asked them to show us where the phone was “hidden”.  Sure enough they both pointed to the same giant, prickly bush {that is too thick to see through or even into}.  After some searching we finally had to give up to the darkness fast approaching….

I have someone coming over later today with a metal detector!  Oi.  Boys!  I will keep you posted.


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  1. Heather Painchaud says

    Nope 🙁 Got a new one though!!! The old one was a 3G so I’ve upgraded to a 4s. Lots of fun new features 😛 I’m sure, now that I have a new one, that the old one will turn up 😉

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