Keto BLT Bagel

You guys!!  This low carb BLT bagel is just too good NOT to share!  When living a ketogenic lifestyle it can be hard to find a good alternative for bread so sandwiches are often off of the menu.  Not so with this bacon, lettuce and tomato bagel!  It is sure to put all of your sandwich cravings to rest.

One of the reasons that I love living keto is that I know exactly what ingredients I am fueling my body with.  Fresh local produce, bacon with no added sugar and these home made bagels have me #winning the lunch time game.

I absolutely love this Keto, Low Carb Bagel Recipe from Wholesome Yum.  Be sure to read through Maya’s entire post, she gives excellent tips and directions for baking them.  These bagels only have five ingredients and are gluten free and sugar free.   I make them at least once a month and store them in my freezer for easy use later on.

How to create the perfect low carb, Keto BLT Bagel:

  • 1 fat head bagel made using this low carb bagel recipe.
  • Cut the bagel in half.
  • Use a toaster to toast the bagel until the edges start to turn slightly brown.
  • Spread 1 Tbsp mayonnaise over the inside of the bagel.
  • Top with lettuce, sliced tomato and two pieces of cooked bacon.

The macros for this BLT when I prepare it this way are:

Calories 630 | Protein 29 | Carbs 7 | Fat 53

I purchase bacon from Costco that has no sugar added (it’s the Kirkland brand with a blue label).  I cook the bacon on a baking sheet in the oven and then store it in a large freezer bag to use later.  This preparation makes adding bacon to my meals super easy and convenient!  Let add bacon to all. the. things. shall we?!  Sometimes I will add sliced turkey breast to this sandwich as well if I need to add more protein to my day.

Have you tried making these low carb bagels yet?  Do it!  You wont regret adding them to your keto menu planning.

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