Lego Mat Bag

Hi everyone!
I have a really simple, really useful project for you today.
The boys have started to get into little Lego and received all sorts of fun sets for Christmas last year.
Thankfully I was somewhat prepared to get showered with Lego and created a Lego Mat Bag 
to help keep all of the little pieces organized and off of the floor.  I don’t know about you, but we had already discovered how Lego tends to spontaneously spread across the floor and cause uncontrollable hopping on one foot when stepped on.

Lego Mat Bag
This mat is the perfect solution!
The boys now have a designated surface to play Lego on.

Lego Mat Bag
I found this fun Batman fabric at Fabricland and used a solid fabric for the other side.  
Having a solid colour on one side is important as it makes finding and sorting the Lego a lot easier.

Lego Mat Bag
I posted a photo of my original Lego Mat Bag on Facebook and had multiple requests to make more!  After some experimentation I found that with a mat this big {40 inches in diameter}, handles actually work better than using a drawstring.  Pulling the drawstring tight, without dumping a bunch of Legos on the floor in the process can be difficult.  
This design uses four handles, spaced evenly apart, around the bag.  By simply gathering the handles and lifting them all at the same time, far fewer Legos are lost.
Wrap a set of Lego with a colourful Lego Mat Bag for the perfect gift! 

Lego Mat Bag
The bag holds a lot of Legos.  Nearly the boys’ whole collection!
Lego Mat Bag
After the bag has been all gathered together with Legos inside, we store it in a bin {one of those Ikea bins from the kids section}.

Lego Mat Bag
Awesome pain – free Lego organization and storage…

Love it!
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