Lego Play Center

Lego Play Center

Hello friends!  I don’t know about you but there is something about the new year that makes me want to organize All The Things!!!  Nothing is safe.  Kitchen cupboards, closets, kids rooms… they all get a once over and it feels so good!  A fresh start.  Am I right?!?!  This year I converted Cam’s trundle bed into a Lego Play Center and it is epic!

Lego Play Center

Essentially this is built using just a piece of plywood that is put onto furniture sliders.  I had a mattress on it that easily slid under my sons bed for when he had friends over for sleepovers.  But it was not used nearly as much as I thought that it would be so I removed the mattress and made it into this Lego play zone.  You guys!!  It’s the PERFECT thing for Lego!  Pull out to play and push in to store.  What could be any easier?!?!  You can find the instructions to build your own in my DIY Trundle Bed post.  All you need is a piece of plywood, furniture sliders and a couple of drawer pulls.  I wrapped the plywood in thin cotton batting and fabric as well.  This gives it a smooth, finished look.  I used carpet sliders but you could add wheels to the board instead.

Lego Play Center

I absolutely love that when it comes time to clean up Cam’s room, he has it done in minutes!  I know that having this Lego Play Center gives him peace of mind too.  He can save all of his projects without worry of having them stepped on or knocked over.  Works in progress can be left to finish later and entire cities can be built and left on the huge amount of play space that this provides!  He keeps the rest of his Lego pieces in his Ikea storage unit or the Lego mat bag that I created (the large green bag pictured above).


Do you have any unique Lego storage solutions?  Please share!!

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