Little Boys Survival Satchel

All the boys can talk about is camping.  When are we going?  Where are we going?  How far away is Old Cowboy Ranch?  Can we go get the trailer now?  No?  Tomorrow then?  Seriously…
It really is cute.

So I am planning a camp out in our living room {shhh it’s a surprise} and I am probably just as excited as the boys!!!  I have a ton of fun projects and snacks pinned.  And I decided that the boys needed something to tote around all of their camping gear in.  Flashlight, glow sticks, compass, whistle, rocks, real sticks, bugs… you know, the essentials.  I was going to call it a Man Purse but Darcy came up with “Survival Satchel” just in time.  Much more manly sounding.

Celeste, from Celestial’s Creations, has an awesome Boy Bag Tutorial that I pretty much followed to a T.  I’ve added more photos {’cause we know how I like my visuals} and tips here.  Be sure to visit Celeste and give her some love!  

I made two bags and bought 1 1/2 metres of  plaid material, green material and interfacing.  
Assembly line fashion, I cut out all of my materials.
The large pieces for the body of the bag were 14″ x 30″.  The top section of the large piece, the front flap, was cut down to 10″ x 9″.  
For each strap I cut two pieces {one plaid and one plain} of fabric 4″ x 31″.
The pockets were 8″ x 9″.
I used a 1/2″ seam throughout.
I wanted to be sure that I had everything placed correctly before I started sewing.  Here’s where a pocket should go.
And placement of front flap embellishments.
I placed the bag together to really get a sense of where to put my snap closure.  Here is the bag, unsewn, closed.
I fastened the snap to the wrong side of the plaid front flap material.  This way it wouldn’t show on the outside of the bag.
After I had things figured out, I sewed the edges of the green material together to create the outside of the bag.
I pinched the corners and sewed a straight line to create more of a box shape.
And cut off excess material.
Finished with the outside portion of the bag for now.
I repeated that process with the plaid material.
The inner portion of the bag.

This is where I ran out of natural light and stopped taking photos.  I sewed the strap together and assembled the bag with the wrong sides together and strap pinned to the inside.  I left a hole to invert the bag to the right side and top stitched all around.  Again Celeste has more details in her Boy Bag Tutorial.
They turned out super cute though right!?!?
I can’t wait to have these full of goodies just in time for our Camp Out…
in the living room.

Thanks for reading!  

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  1. Sky says

    Oh my love, love, love! The idea and the bag are both awesome- I absolutely must copy cat you ๐Ÿ˜‰ My four year old talks about camping as soon as the snow is gone and I spend a good three months trying to keep him from going nuts while it gets warm enough! Awesome as always, Heather ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope your holidays were awesome, btw!

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