Marble Mazes

 I absolutely love these mazes!  And so do the boys. 
Carlee from Ladybird Ln recently shared the tutorial during One For The Boys {scroll down for more amazing guest posts and boy projects!}
 This is the perfect project for the person who is just learning to sew. 
I used a straight stitch to create the maze pattern and frame.
  A marble has been inserted and sewn in between the two pieces of material. The yellow felt triangles are the start and finish of the maze.  The boys simply push the marble inbetween the sewn maze lines from one end of the maze to the other.
 A superhero print {left over from this project} graces the back of these mazes.  A hit with the boys to be sure!
 I used a rectangular piece of felt {from the dollar store} for my maze fronts.

Isn’t this the coolest thing?!
Sometimes the simple ideas are the best ones.  Find the full tutorial here.

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