Melted Crayon Hearts

So this craft is directly from Martha Stewart.  There is a beautiful picture of a lovely melted crayon heart mobile all over Pinterest.  Lovely.  Here is our take:
You need fine crayon shavings.  But no one tells you how to get those fine crayon shavings.  Cheese grater… not the way to go.  I assure you!  I now have red crayon scribbles all over my grater.  Food chopper… bad idea too.  Picture crayon all stuck in the blades.  
So I used a paring knife and shaved the crayons as fine as I could… without loosing a finger.
Now you put the shavings in between two layers of wax paper.  We have way too many shavings in our photo.
Be sure to fold over the edges!  The crayon will melt and run all over the place.
I sandwiched my wax paper between two pieces of craft paper and a towel too.  I’m glad I did.  Did you know that crayon can seep right through the wax paper?  No?  Well you learn something new everyday.
Anyway here’s our melted crayon.  You want it to look like the section on the left where you can kinda see the craft paper through.  Very translucent.  The other sections, where you can see pink dots, dried hard and broke into pieces.
Who knew melting crayons could be so complicated?  Isaiah cut out a heart {with some assistance}.
“You have my HEART”
“Now please don’t BREAK it”
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Have an awesome day!
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