Mickey Mouse Inspired Plush Tutorial

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There is just something about creating one of a kind softies for my children that I love.  Combining surprising fabrics and textures to give each one a unique look.  This plush was inspired by one of our favorite characters, Mickey for the trip to Disneyland that we are taking soon.  It features bendable ears, a mousy face, soft chenille body, polka dot pocket pants and dangly legs.  Lets get started…
Originally shared at the Ribbon Retreat.

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Black chenille {body} – two pieces 12″ x 8″
Red polka dot cotton {pocket pants} – two pieces 12″x 8.5″ folded in half lengthwise
Tan chenille {face} – one square 5″ x 6″ with corners cut round
Black chenille {ears} – four pieces 3.5″ x 3.5″ with two corners rounded
Yellow chevron cotton {legs} – four pieces 6″ x 2.5″
Black felt {eyes and nose} – three ovals about 1″x 2″ one slightly bigger
Pipe cleaners – two
Poly fill
Miscellaneous sewing supplies

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Start by pinning the features to the face and sewing them in place.

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Next sew the ears together, right sides facing, leaving the bottom open for inverting.

Mickey Mouse Inspired Plush (6)_thumb

Invert each ear and place a pipe cleaner inside, along the seam.

Mickey Mouse Inspired Plush (7)_thumb

Sew the pipe cleaner into place about 1/4″ from the seam.  I like to use a chenille pipe cleaner to create bendable features.  As I sew it in place I make sure that the needle and thread catch the edges of the pipe cleaner to hold it more firmly in place.

Mickey Mouse Inspired Plush (8)_thumb

Next place two of the leg pieces together, right sides facing and sew along the sides and top.  Repeat this for the second leg.  Invert both pieces and fill with stuffing.

Mickey Mouse Inspired Plush (10)_thumb

Pin the face to the front of one of the large black chenille pieces.  Most chenille will lay smoother and softer in one direction so be sure to take this into account when piecing the softie together.  Sew the face to the body.

Mickey Mouse Inspired Plush (11)_thumb

Now you have a body front and back, two ears, two legs and the front and back of the pants.  You could totally add arms too by the way.  Just create another set of legs and you have Mickey with arms!

Mickey Mouse Inspired Plush (13)_thumb

Finally pin all of the various pieces into place as shown.  Pin the front and back together, right sides facing.  Sew together leaving a 2″ hole for inverting.  Invert, stuff with poly fill and hand sew the hole closed.

Mickey Mouse Inspired Plush (16)_thumb

There you have it!  A super cute Mickey inspired plush with a pocket front and back for putting treasures in.  I made two of these guys for the boys to receive during our trip to Disneyland.  I am not sure whether they should have them during the flight and maybe I could fill the pockets with things to do while flying?  Or one day during our vacation?  What do you think?
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