Mid Century Modern Danish Teak Antique ~ FAB FINDS

Okay you guys!  I have the most epic thrift store find story.  Seriously the whole experience was awesome.  Are you a fan of the shows Canadian Pickers or Auction Hunters?  I sure am!  Like, addicted.  And this adventure made me feel like the time that I spend watching those shows was so worthwhile!
Sorry for the poor picture quality ~ all photos were taken with my iPhone.

So the journey began with my quest to find a built in looking unit for our dining room.  

We need more storage for dishes and my hope was to have somewhere to store fabric and sewing essentials so that I wasn’t always hauling it out of the craft room to the sewing machine located in our living room.  Function was far more important to me than form.  I looked everywhere and came up empty handed.  I started to think that we would need to have a custom built in unit made to the tune of $5000.  The project immediately went onto the five year plan list.
Then I wandered into a local antique store and spotted this gorgeous piece of furniture!  It was exactly what I didn’t know I was looking for.  A three piece buffet unit that measured 104″x76″x17″ with shelves, cupboards and even a flip down desk for $1500.  I went in once, took the measurements home to see if it would fit, consulted my friends on Facebook and went back to the store a few days later ready to play hard ball.  I did some research before hand and quickly learned that it was a Mid Century Modern Danish Teak antique {say that three times fast ~ ha!}.  Pieces of furniture like this are very rare and hard to find.  In all of my searching online I did not see another unit like this.  While I wasn’t into it for the retro styling I loved that it was solid wood and would suit my purposes perfectly!
I went into the antique store ready to spend no more than $1200 which I felt was a fair price and what I was willing to pay.  I spoke to the salesman and the lowest that he would go was $1300.  I said what if I gave you $1200 cash money?  He said that I would have to come back later to talk to the owner of the store.  I said okay and walked away.  I spent a few days doing more research and trying to visualize how it might look in our home.

This was my very low-tech visualization.
So finally the owner of the antique store was going to be in and I had my game face on.  But first I wanted to stop by a local thrift store that sold just furniture and where nothing was over $20.  It was my second trip to this store and on the first trip I found my simple yarn storage unit for $5.  I walked through the typical well loved sofas and mdf bookcases until I rounded a corner and spotted this beauty… 
 a mid century modern Danish teak bookshelf and desk!  I nearly died.  Seriously?!  My research paid off let me tell you ~ any other time I may have walked right past this treasure!  $20 and it was mine, loaded into the back of our Pathfinder.  Now I was driving to the antique store quickly working on a deal in my head.

I have to tell you that this peace of antique furniture was pretty cool.  It featured a pull out desk, drawers and a roll back compartment that hid more shelves and drawers.  It even had the makers mark stamped on the back with a map of Denmark!  It was missing the legs, had a few stains and some chipped pieces of wood.  If I hadn’t wanted the first three piece buffet unit so bad I would have kept this for sure.  And after posting the story on Facebook I have had a number of people ask about where they can find this piece now.
So I walked back into the antique store to talk to the owner with a bit of an ace in the hole.  We chatted about my previous visit and I asked if he could do any better than $1300.  He was very reluctant to make that commitment.  I told him that I had something that he should take a look at.  He checked out this $20 shelf / desk and said that he could give me $300 on trade in value.  Inside I am jumping up and down with glee!  So I offer $1000 for the original unit.  He counters at $1200.  I go back to $1100 reminding him of the shelf / desk trade and we made a deal!!  I purchased the perfect mid century modern Danish teak buffet/cupboard/bookshelf unit for a total cost of $1120.  So stoked!  
I brought it home in two loads with the Pathfinder and have it set up, empty in our dining room now.  It’s going to take me a while to style it and find the perfect tchotchkes {my new favorite word tchotchke hee hee} to fill the shelves but until then check out the epic storage….
gah!!  I was seriously jumping up and down with excitement when low and behold my sewing machine fit in the fold down desk!  So thrilled!!  Epic right?  And so much fun actually knowing that I had an amazing $20 deal right in front of me.  Thanks for sharing and reading my adventure.  Be sure to stay tuned as I will be posting updated photos of our new dining room “built in” soon.

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