Mojito Recipe for Camping

Mojitos are my favorite drink of summer.  I love, love, love the lime and mint flavours they say “summer” to me.  Yummy.  But if you know mojitos then you know that they can be finicky to make.  A traditional mojito includes soda water, simple syrup and muddling some lime and mint.  This mojito recipe makes things a bit easier for those of us who may be attempting to make a mojito in the great outdoors.

 Okay here is what I do to enjoy mojitos while camping all summer long.  First I purchased this flat jug to mix the drink in and store in the fridge.  The unique shape is awesome for camping because it doesn’t take up as much space in the fridge or cooler as a traditional jug would.  Second I swapped 7UP for the simple syrup and club soda in the traditional recipe.  It’s just easier to pack while camping and quicker to mix up.  Here’s what I have been enjoying all summer long {makes about 5 large drinks}…

2L 7UP {or sprite, diet or regular}
2 limes, quartered
20 mint leaves
5 oz white rum {optional}
Fresh raspberries, blueberries, watermelon etc. {optional}

Place the limes and mint leaves in a cup and muddle them together.   If you haven’t “muddled” you need to buy a muddler and “squash” the ingredients a bit, releasing the juices and fragrance.  Poor this into the jug.  Sometimes I put the lime directly into the jug and sometimes I just put in the lime juice.  If you leave the lime in the mixture too long it tends to become very sour.  Add the remaining ingredients and chill.  Serve over ice whenever possible, I like to use a freezer mug – I’m such a glamper! *wink*

Do you have a favorite summer drink?

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