Monogram T-shirt Tutorial

I just have to share my latest T-shirts with you!!! They turned out super~freakin’~cute! Here’s the tute:

Monogram T-shirt Tutorial

Monogram Applique T-shirts

Monogram T-shirt Tutorial I used a pair of old, too small PJs. Probably too tattered to hand-me-down anyway 😛

Monogram T-shirt TutorialI began by sketching and cutting out a stencil {in pink!}

Monogram T-shirt Tutorial I traced my stencil onto my patterned fabric, ironed on heat n’ bond and cut out my shape(s). My husband was like “what’s with the two E’s?”

Monogram T-shirt Tutorial Then I ironed my applique onto my t-shirt and stitched around the edges. {Fun ~ seriously!}

Monogram T-shirt TutorialI used three different colours of thread and alternated my stitch (ie. zig zag, straight etc.)

Monogram T-shirt Tutorial My finished T’s… okay maybe the “I” does look like two E’s and the “C” like a cent symbol ~ artistic expression honey!

Monogram T-shirt Tutorial A super cheap project! The t-shirts were $3 at Walmart!!! 😀

Monogram T-shirt Tutorial Details.

Monogram T-shirt Tutorial I used the legs of my old PJs to create sleeves for Cameron’s t-shirt.

Monogram T-shirt TutorialMore deets.
{Behind the scenes}
The orange stitching on the arms looks like a rats nest on the inside! AND the sleeves turned out to be waaaay too short! LOL

Monogram T-shirt Tutorial

Monogram T-shirt Tutorial
Now on to the party!!

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Monogram T-shirt Tutorial

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