Monster Doll Tutorial

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It’s here! The tutorial for these little cuties…. Monster Dolls that is! I created a batch of these to accompany my boys’ birthday party invitations. Each invitee got to keep a silly monster of their very own!  You can find individual monster photos here.

Monster Doll TutorialA Monster Mash?

Monster Doll Tutorial I began by creating a template {in purple} and cutting monster parts out of felt material.

Monster Doll Tutorial Then I traced the template onto my green flannel and cut out two sides {monster front and back}.

Monster Doll Tutorial

I pinned my monster parts onto one of the sides.
Monster Doll TutorialAnd began sewing my parts on. Sewing circles? Go slowly as you guide your fabric through your sewing machine. For the smaller circles I stopped sewing with my needle through the fabric, lifted my sewing foot thingy {sorry I don’t know what it’s called lol}, turned my fabric, put the foot thingy down and continued sewing.
Monster Doll Tutorial When I finished sewing my monster parts onto one side, I pinned the right sides of my front and back together. I sewed my sides together, about 1/4 cm from the edge, leaving a 1″ hole open. I turned my doll inside out, filled with stuffing and hand sewed the 1″ hole closed {sorry I forgot to take pictures of this!}

Monster Doll Tutorial A Monster Lineup!

Keep your peeps peeled for more Monster Party goodies! Coming soon….

I hope that you likey!

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  1. Stephanie Lynn @Under the Table and Dreaming says

    Hi Heather! I have been foloowing your monster projects and I so happy to see a tutorial for these fun little guys! Can’t wait to see the party come together! Thanks so much for linking to the Sunday Showcase Party. I have featured this today – stop by and grab a featured button if you like. Hope you are enjoying your weekend! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  2. Sherron says

    These are so cute! (um I mean, cool- boys don’t like ‘cute’ things so my 10 year old says!) I’ve seen them done with all felt, but the flannel has got to be easier to work with, thanks for the tutorial!

    BTW the ‘foot thingy’ is called a presser foot

  3. Candice S. says

    Hello and Good Morning!! You have the cutest idea’s for boys and THANK GOD!! I have had such a hard time finding quality, fun, and fresh idea’s for little boys without it being simple and boring..everything’s pink and frilly when it comes to crafts and decorating. I always find plenty to do with and for my daughter but I have been striving for decor idea’s for our nursery and other fun crafts for a little boy.. LOVE your site!!

    Have a wonderful day!

    Candice @ rattles and redheads


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