Monster Goodie Bags

Monster Goodie Bags

Hey guys!
Are you ready for Easter?  We have a pretty low key weekend planned celebrating with friends and family.  I have the cutest Ya Ya Bunnies that I can’t wait to give the boys!  And I picked up a set of super cute cookies from Sarah’s Sweets to tuck into the little pocket bum.  I seriously can’t wait for the boys to see them!
But first I just have to share these adorable Monster Goodie Bags that I have created to add to our Ya Ya Monster Doll craft fair and market stock…


Monster Goodie Bags

I have a whole bunch of eye candy for you today!  Love, love, love all of the bright colours and fun monster faces on these Monster Goodie Bags.  I found these great little bags at a local dollar store and simply upcycled them with painted white polka dots and chevron stripes.  Then I added mini Ya Ya Monster Doll faces to each one.  I think that they would be perfect for birthday party favours or treat bags!  I use them to package and carry our Roll-A-Monster Game.  And now for a billion photos… enjoy!

Monster Goodie BagsMonster Goodie BagsMonster Goodie BagsMonster Goodie BagsMonster Goodie BagsMonster Goodie BagsMonster Goodie Bags Monster Goodie Bags

Happy Easter!  I hope that it is a holiday full of family, fun and laughter.
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