Monster Push Pops

I have a really fun job where I get to teach what I love.  
It is so fun to inspire others to be creative and to show them that if I can do it, so can they!

Monster Push Pops

Last week I taught Cupcake Creations, a two hour program where we play with basic cupcake decorating techniques.  We had the opportunity to work with these push pops which was really fun.  You can find these at Michaels, they are a bit expensive so be sure to use a coupon!  There are so many fun possibilities with these though that the sky really is the limit.

Monster Push Pops

We actually created push pop witches in class {with chocolate feet sticking out the top of the pop} but I had a few push pops left over afterwards and decided to make a few monsters too.  These little guys were donated to our school Cake Walk at the Fall Fair the very next day.  I just layered cake with green icing, cut our construction paper and glued it to the pops.  The eyes are edible candies from Michaels.

Monster Push Pops

Have you experimented with push pops?
What did you make?

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