Ombre Chevron Earring Tutorial


Crochet beanies for charity…
Yesterday I showed you how to create a fun Ombre Chevron Necklace. 
Today is all about the matching earrings.
You can do this!  Easy peasy.
Crochet beanies for charity…
Start with polymer clay in four different shades.  Here I used blue, green and white to create different shades of turquoise.
Crochet beanies for charity…
Roll each colour into a small rope of clay.

Crochet beanies for charity…
Layer the four rolls together.

Crochet beanies for charity…
Cut a 1/4″ section of the rolls off on a diagonal.  Repeat this and place the two 1/4″ sections together.  Do this for each earring.

Crochet beanies for charity…
Using a small rolling pin, roll the colours flat and cut into an arrow shape.  Pierce a hole into the top and bake according to the package directions.  Finally attach a couple of hooks using pliers and jump rings.

Crochet beanies for charity…
Fun right?!?!

Crochet beanies for charity…

Have you been playing with polymer clay?
I would love to hear about it!

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  1. Andrew Campbell says

    I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing all the great jewellery you’ve made! Your creations are quick and easy to make, but I wonder how you find the time come up with these AND THEN blog so thoroughly about them with your busy schedule – I envy you! I’m going to try a few of your ideas with my kids on their next school break!

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