Ombre Chevron Necklace Tutorial


Ombre Chevron Earring Tutorial
You may have noticed that I have been having fun with polymer clay recently. 
So I decided to make this super momma *wink* a little something.
I love that this necklace combines three of my favorite things;
chevron, ombre and turquoise!
Whoop whoop!
You too, can make your own super momma necklace…


Ombre Chevron Earring Tutorial
Start with some polymer clay.  Michaels often has clay on sale 3 for $5.  Here I mixed blue with a bit of green and a dash of white.  Combine colours until you get the three different shades that you like.

Ombre Chevron Earring Tutorial
Flatten each colour into a chevron shape.  I used my fingers and a small rolling pin.  Cut the edges to be smooth and straight.

Ombre Chevron Earring Tutorial
Use a piercing tool to create holes in each of the shapes.  Four in the first two and two in the last one.  Bake as directed on package of clay and fasten together using jump rings.

Ombre Chevron Earring Tutorial
Way easier than it looks right?!  YOU can do it!

Ombre Chevron Earring Tutorial
Be sure to stop by tomorrow for a tutorial on how to create matching earrings
using a different technique.
Thanks for reading.
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