One For The Boys ~ Blanket Forts!

It is our final day of One For the Boys ~ Boredom Busters.  

Today Sky from Capital B is here to share some blanket fort making tips.  Sky is the super sweet momma to four busy boys!  And she always seems to have some kind of cool boy related project on the go.  Take it away Sky!

One For The Boys ~ Blanket Forts!

Hello, Hello Twin Dragonfly Designs readers! I am Sky from a small, fun blog called Capital B. I have two little boys of my own and two older stepsons, so it’s a boy’s life! I blog about the crafty things I enjoy and about the simple goodness of our family life.

 I consider Heather one of my bloggy besties –  we comment often on each other’s stuff and I love her ideas and style! Awhile back I posted about how we can’t seem to go a day without building some sort of blanket fort around our house and she asked if I’d share  a bit more “adventures in blanket fort building” for her Winter Boredom Busters! I know these pics will speak for themselves- it’s not rocket science- but I’ll add some notes for good measure 🙂

Start with a frame made out of whatever you have- chairs, couches, stools, etc.
My boys are rather impatient, so these pics are by all means NOT perfect!

Here I have four chairs set up:
Then stretch a fitted sheet over your frame.
Why I hadn’t thought of it before, I don’t know,
but I do know that it works TONS better than a normal blanket or sheet for the foundation!
Then grab the long stick of your broom
(or something else slim and tall) to prop up to droopy middle.
I like using a pillow underneath to create some give for when the boys bump into it in there
and create a bit more height and room.
If you’re using your couch as part of your frame,
it works great in-between the cushions too!
Now drape blankets around the outside to cover up the holes and create “walls”:

I like leaving a couple little “windows” to let in some light:
Here’s our finished product!
Each time it looks a bit different 🙂
Looks smallish to me in this pic, but there really is quite a lot of room-
I can usually play with both boys inside no problem!
Maybe it’s really just a jail cell 😉
This one wasn’t all that dark with the windows, but my little guys really like
playing with flashlights or glowsticks or whatever toys that light up once they are inside:

Simple, good times!
Thanks again for having me, Heather!
Thank YOU Sky!  Be sure to visit Sky at Capital B and share the love.  Thanks for joining us for One For The Boys this week!  I’m already looking forward to our next installment coming this Spring / Summer called “Take It Outside”.  Stay tuned!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!
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