Packing for Disney

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We have had a few months to plan for our trip to Disneyland.  Between the whole passport application process, Disney craft creating and itinerary planning it has truly been a blast!  One last detail… packing for Disney!  Here are a few of the things that we chose to bring with us….

Disney Pack (1)

My mother-in-law found these great back seat bingo cards for the boys.  To use on the hour plus ride from the airport maybe?

Disney Pack (2)

Target had these great mess free game books… for the three hour plane ride I think.

Disney Pack (4)

Finally I scored these Mickey water bottles at Target too. Awesome right?!  I hope that these will be useful during the whole trip ~ especially at the park where we can refill them rather than buy bottled water.  We also packed a few toys, activity books, video game systems, snacks, head phones and a camel back pack {that stores water} to carry around the park.
What would you pack for Disney?
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